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16 August 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Inferno spoilers  
Here are some spoilers from TF.N, don't know where they originally came from or how reliable they are.

Linney K (jacens_inferno): revelationjacens_inferno on August 17th, 2007 04:34 am (UTC)
The book starts out with Jacen flow walking with Tahiri so that he can take her back to the point that Anakin Solo dies so that Tahiri can make past Tahiri give Anakin the kiss she feels that she should have given him.

OK...if someone could go back to Anakin just before he died, would they do it just so Tahiri could kiss him? If I couldn't change that he died, and I was Jacen (how frightening), I'd pick some other time to flow walk back to and see Anakin, wouldn't you? But then it's not really Jacen anymore, it's Caedus who apparently reasons quite differently about things. If this one's true he must have some huge ulterior motive for doing it, it's certainly not to help Tahiri unless it's to gain her trust or support. I'm not sure I believe this spoiler.

Tenel Ka has a meeting with Jacen & demands that he strike a peace with Luke.

I've heard this one several times before...she won't do something...give him control of the Hapan fleet? something along those lines...until he makes up with Uncle Luke. Ouch.

Han and Leia attend Mara's funeral and then have to flee as a GAG snatch squad attempts to arrest them at the funeral in the temple.

Certainly sounds plausible.

Mara's body disappears into the force when Jacen turns up to the funeral which Luke takes as a sign that they should attempt to settle their differences.

Hmmmm, interesting. Sounds like Luke, always looking at the best side and actually being blind as a bat. Wonder if Ben's there? Surely he would be. I bet he'd look at it suspiciously, I think he's a little more...what would be the right word? And he's been around Jacen more than the others and already knows something's not right with him.